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Main Publications


Hübscher, Evelyne, Thomas Sattler and Zbigniew Truchlewski. 2022. "Three Worlds of Austerity: Voter Congruence over Fiscal Trade-Offs in Germany, Spain and the UK." Socio-Economic Review (online first).


Ferrara, Federico, Jörg Haas, Andrew Peterson, Thomas Sattler. 2021 “Exports vs. Investment: How Public Discourse Shapes Support for External Imbalances.Socio-Economic Review (online first).


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Sattler, Thomas, Gabriele Spilker and Thomas Bernauer. 2014. “Does WTO Dispute Settlement Enforce or Inform?British Journal of Political Science 44(4): 877–902.


Sattler, Thomas. 2013. “Do Markets Punish Left Governments?Journal of Politics 75(2): 343–356. [Replication files]


Sattler Thomas and Johannes Urpelainen. 2012. “Explaining Public Support for International Integration: How Do National Conditions and Treaty Characteristics Interact with Individual Beliefs?Journal of Politics 74(4): 1108 – 1124.


Sattler, Thomas and Thomas Bernauer. 2011. “Discrimination or Litigation? Dispute Initiation in the World Trade Organization.European Journal of Political Research 50(2): 143-176.


Sattler Thomas and Stefanie Walter. 2010. “Monetary Credibility vs. Voter Approval: Political Institutions and Exchange-Rate Stabilization during Crises.Economics & Politics 22(3): 392-418.


Sattler, Thomas, Patrick Brandt and John Freeman. 2010. “Democratic Accountability in Open Economies.Quarterly Journal of Political Science 5(1): 71-97.


Sattler, Thomas, John Freeman and Patrick Brandt. 2008. “Political Accountability and the Room to Maneuver: A Search for a Causal Chain.Comparative Political Studies 41(9): 1212-1238.

              Winner of the Robert H. Durr Award for Best Paper Applying Quantitative

              Methods to a Substantive Problem in Political Science, Annual Meeting of

              the Midwest Political Science Association 2007.


Sattler, Thomas and Stefanie Walter. 2008. “Wirtschaftspolitischer Handlungsspielraum im Zeitalter der Globalisierung: Eine Empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel von Währungskrisen.” Politische Vierteljahresschrift (PVS) 49(3): 464-490.

              Reprinted in the World Political Science Review 5. 2009. (“Globalization and

              Government Short-term Room to Maneuver in Economic Policy: An

              Empirical Analysis of Reactions to Currency Crises”).


Bernauer, Thomas and Thomas Sattler. 2006. “Sind WTO-Konflikte im Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutz eskalationsträchtiger als andere WTO-Konflikte?” Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 13(1): 1-25.

              Reprinted in the Annuaire Français des Relations Internationales 6: 

               942-964. 2007. (“Les Litiges de L’OMC sur la Protection de l’Environnement

               et des Consommateurs”).



Book Chapters


Hübscher, Evelyne and Thomas Sattler. Forthcoming. “Growth Models Under Austerity.” In: Lucio Baccaro, Mark Blyth and Jonas Pontussen (eds.)

Diminishing Returns: The New Politics of Growth and Stagnation, Oxford University Press. [Paper]


Schweinberger, Tanja and Thomas Sattler. Forthcoming. "Trade as a Foreign Policy Issue: A Bilateral Micro Perspective." In: Gao, Henry, Damian Raess and Kao Zeng (eds.). China and the WTO: 20 Years On. Cambridge University Press.


Other Publications


Hübscher, Evelyne and Thomas Sattler. 2021. "The Political Consequences of Fiscal Austerity." The Political Economist 16(3): 11-15


Ferrara, Federico Maria and Thomas Sattler. 2018. "The Political Economy of Financial Markets." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics: July. [Paper]